61/365 Perfect timing twice from a Senior photographer


When you have a full house you have to shoot the crowd shots. Today was a special game as it was the filming of "The Best Road Trip in College Basketball."

As I shot this photo of the Lady Bisons game with my iPhone, Ashel Parsons also fired her camera which fired the strobes. We both took the same photo within a 1/200th of a second. That really is perfect timing. I am actually surprised that the strobes didn't blow out the iPhone image.

I went back up during the men's game to shoot the same photo and it happened again. We both shot the same photo at exactly the same fraction of the second.

If you look closely you can see Ashel at the foot of the goal in both frames .

Tonight was her last home game as a photographer. This is not the public attention that the players got at the end of the game but I am as proud of Ashel as the
coaches are of their seniors. I can't remember a student photographer that has worked and grown as much as Ashel has over the last three years. She is a joy to have around the office and she works hard to be a professional in every aspect of the job. She is an All American in my book.

Maybe I need to start a tradition and retire her camera strap. One thing is for sure, she is leaving some really big shoes to fill for the photographers coming up behind her.

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