58/365 Hasselblad film scans


Last weekend we went to Hot Springs and I spent some quality time out in the woods with a film camera.

The Hasselblad Xpan shoots 35mm film in the regular 24X36mm format but with the flip of a switch it can shoot panoramas that are about two regular frames wide. I love shooting with the Xpan because it is a rangefinder camera and I only have one lens so there are not lots of choices. You can shoot regular or you can shoot panoramas. I think of it as a self contained camera. I don't need a computer or iPad to view images, all I need is a supply of film and a lab to develop it. The drug store lab I used accidentally applied a few scratches but over all I like these few images.

I also think of my tlr cameras as a self contained camera. The focus is not on the camera the focus is on the actual photography as it should be.
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