43-365 Rainy Night


Rainy days can be tough especially when your out of town all day.
Rainy days can also be beautiful. I took my camera bag and had to make my image between leaving work and going to the jail tonight for church.
I found this drop of water on the branch with the most lovely green backdrop out in front of the Heritage building.

There were lots of students coming and going. I had my 80-400 zoo instead of my fast zoom so I had to jack the ISO up to 8000 to get a fast enough shutter speed. I also dialed in about -2 stops of exposure compensation since I was shooting in aperture priority.

I liked the rain drops the shiny fender of the bike.

The thing that originally caught my eye tonight was the steam burning off of the building spot lights. It caught my attention but ended up being my least favorite image of the night.
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