Day 8


I am always attracted to the details. I saw this spot of vibrant green moss in the crack of the sidewalk and I had to shoot it. I think that is why I prefer telephoto lens over wide angle lenses. When I shot film I liked using the Zone System because it was about the details of measuring the exposure.

I've had to learn that good photography is not about the technical details of lens, exposure , depth of field and so forth. Good photography is about paying attention to the subject and content of your photo. I think that is one reason I love shooting with my iPhone there are not a lot of details to fuss with and I can focus on content.

Goal for the rest of this week is shoot more with the real camera and not the phone. I need to heed Noah's advice "you always have to have a camera with you. "

By the way I have updated my top sidebar with the links to my friends for this 365 day photo journey. You really should check out Mike , Ashel, and Noah.
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