Day 5

Yesterday, I just watched Jackson's basketball game. Most games I attend I photograh, but today I just enjoyed watching. It was a fun day because Jamie went with us too. The 7th grade boys won handily 51-19. Jackson had a good game and scored 6 of those 51 points.

Photographically speaking, most people like to look at old photos. Old photos just have a certain charm about them and the historical perspective of the way things used to be. As soon as this timeout started I saw this photo. I loved the symmetry of the two teams around their coaches and the refs in the middle. The reflection of the window on the old wooden floor and the rough steel beams of the roof just called out to me this is old school. I am sure my mind was subconsciously primed for this by the construction site of huge new gym behind this modest little gym.

So in all my nostalgia for the old way, I ripped out my iPhone 5 and opened the Camera+ app and shot two shots before the timeout was over. Because of that bright reflection and the limited window of opportunity the photo was underexposed. As I tried to put the App's spot metering function into play for a better exposure the moment was gone. Not to worry, I opened the photo in Google's recently acquired photo app Snapseed and adjusted the exposure. The old look captured with the new technology.

I bet Lonoke's new gym will be really nice when we play in it next season but I am going to miss this old one.

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