Day 13

Today I went to two funerals. One for Trent Austin and one for Ken Neller.

I didn't really know Trent, I know his wife Beverly. She teaches art at Harding and we have been friends for years. Trent had battled health concerns for a while and he died on Thursday. Death was not a surprise.

I knew Ken because he taught Bible at Harding. We were not close friends but we were in the same social club and had worked together to plan some reunions. Ken was a Bison football player and he died of a massive heart attack while playing his regular racquetball game. Death was a shock.

The following verse keeps coming back to me from the funerals today.
But you do not know what will happen tomorrow! Your life is like a mist. You can see it for a short time, but then it goes away. (James 4:14 NCV)

I really wanted an image today that expressed that verse in some way.

This was my original image showing the parking lot of Downtown Church as I was walking up to the funeral. We have had so much rain and finally today the sun was out and the parking lot was drying out. The mist was fading away if you will. I didn't like this image but it was reasonable. I got the image at the top of the post driving to jail tonight. The flooded grass was another attempt of showing the mist disappearing. Finally getting the images helped me feel some peace about the scripture.

I have always loved seeing the sunsets on funeral days. This photo summed up the day to me as I thought about the families. These families will feel a deep sense of loss without their loved ones like a tree is empty without leaves. But the great hope for Christians is the heavenly home. The moon represents the heavenly home to me. God created the moon on the fourth day. My dad would call that a dry moon because the crescent shape is facing up like a smiley face. He would say if you poured water in it it would not spill, therefore a dry moon. I like the smiley face idea because God is sending us a signal that all is well, he is in charge and those guys have received their reward.

Sorry for the heavy topic today but sometimes blogging can be therapeutic.
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