I have a kid in college

We moved Jenna into Sears Hall at Harding University on Wednesday. I remember that moving in day myself. It doesn't seem like it has been all that long since I was a freshman at Harding. I was a freshman in 1988. How in the world has all that time past. I have always dreamed of my kids going to Harding. One of the benefits of working at Harding is the tuition discount. It's always been the plan but it's just hard to be that time is here.

Yesterday after Convocation, I got to re-introduce Jenna to Megan Neill. Julie and I shared a duplex with Megan's parents Randy and Rhonda when we were all students at Harding. Jenna and Megan met each other once when they were about 4. Jenna referred to Megan as "Megan from Alaska". The reason for the geographical notation was Jenna's best friend at the time was Megan Hobby. Megan Hobby's dad lived down the hall from me my sophomore year at Harding.

As I realize that things will never be the same at our house now that Jenna is in college it makes me kind of sad. On the other hand I wouldn't want her to be anywhere else. I have really enjoyed getting to see her and her friends on campus. I really look forward to these next four years to see Jenna and her friends grow and mature into adults. I pray that God will bless her in this new adventure as he has always blessed her in the past.

I've always believed it before and I believe it even more now-

"It's Great To Be At Harding!"
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