Bike Riding and Photo Therapy

Went out riding tonight while Jalen and Josie were at a swim party for Henry McGalliard at the GAC ( Ganus Athletic Center). My bike is a piece of crap so I switched to a 20 year old bike that was so much better. I need to work on my bike repair skills and fix my bike because I do love riding a bike.

We made a loop around the bike trail on campus and Jackson asked if I wanted to ride to the church where he has Scouts. I said yes and we headed out toward First Methodist Church in Searcy. Jackson rides his bike to Scouts almost every week.

I saw the flower posted above and stopped to take a photo and then I found the fence.. Thankfully, Jackson is patient with me when I need to stop and take photos.

This photo break was a blessing. I started my photo experience today on the wrong foot at Jalen's soccer game in Sherwood, AR. I opened my bag took out my trusty Nikon D-200 and my lovely silver Tamron 28-200mm zoom and realized I had no memory card. So therefore no soccer pictures today. Jalen's team won handily and Jalen even scored a goal right near the end of the game.

We rushed back to Searcy so Jalen and Josie could play in the ROCK flag football league at church. Jalen's team won on a last second td by Jalen. Again, no photos, because of no card in the camera.

Would you believe that Friday afternoon I put 4 CF cards in my B&H Photo shopping cart because cards seem to have a way of not being in your bag when you need one . The cards were on sale and I will have some spares soon. Spare memory cards are really cheap insurance to missing photos.

Missing photos reminds me of the good ole days of photographing Razorback tailgate parties for Jennings Osborne and using film. I always had at least 100 rolls of film with me on those game days. Occasionally, I run across someone as they realized they were out of film. I would reach in my vest and share a roll of film with them. Jennings Osborne was all about Random Acts of Kindness and sharing a roll of film was a small way I could participate too.

I got to share a memory card with one of the Petit Jean photographers this week as she had a group lined up ready for a photo and no card in her camera. As a photographer you just have to hate not having a card when you get to an assignment.

We did eventually make it to First Methodist church. If I were to pick my church based on what the building looked like I would go to church here. One of my jail ministries volunteers, Sid Langley, does go to church here. He is a great guy and I am thankful to have him as my friend.

And finally, for my photo of the day, the lovely white picket fence with the setting sun warmly illuminating the scene. I especially love the shadow side of this photo for the magnificent cool blue tones that so wonderfully contrast with the warm light of the sun. As a photography teacher I am not sure a more perfect photo could be made to teach about the intricacies of white balance.

Please forgive those last couple of sentences that sounded like an Art Critic gushing about the latest photographic fad.

Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom of this post. I sincerely do hope you enjoyed the photos, because I did enjoy taking them.
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