I have my own city and Memorial Day Memories

One of the fun summer jobs each year is Arkansas Girls State.  Girls State is put on by the American Legion Auxiliary and this year there are 800 girls attending.  They have been coming to Harding every summer for the last 22 years.  I worked my first Girls State as a student photographer.  I was completely surprised and honored when my friend and Girls State Director Charlotte Wilson told me that I was getting my own city this year.  Today I got to meet them for the first time briefly as I took their picture for the yearbook.  Cities are named after the Governors, Searcy Mayors, and State Legislators, and American Legion Auxiliary members who have served Girls State for years.  I don't feel like I belong in this group as I have never served in the military service or been a great politician in Arkansas.  No matter now, I am completely honored to have my own city.

On Memorial Day, I remember my Great Uncle Mose F. Cox who served in WWII.  I always remember that he was the only person who could out shoot me with my own bb gun as a kid.  He never would talk much about the war. He island hopped in the pacific.  The only story he would tell was about the time he got his fox hole partner a Purple Heart.  They were dug in on a beach for the night and Uncle Mose took the first watch of the night.  When it was time to change the watch he woke up his fox hole mate and he sat down to go to sleep.  His buddy kept falling asleep. Uncle Mose said that after waking him up three times when he went to sleep the fourth time Uncle Mose pushed his rifle up over the edge of the fox hole and fired of a couple of rounds.  One of the ejected shells fell down his buddies shirt and burned him and it got infected and he had to be treated for the injury and he got a Purple Heart.  Uncle Mose got a Purple Heart as well when he was hit with shrapnel from a grenade.  Those are the only two stories that he would tell.  I am thankful for all the Men and Women who serve and have served our country to make it what it is today.  Happy Memorial Day!
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