Aunt Jamima , Clouds and a Needle Point

Tonight, I drove to Little Rock for the visitation for my Aunt Jamima.

That's right I have an Aunt Jamima. Julie's family had an Uncle Sam and we had Aunt Jamima.

She was my dad's step sister, they shared the same dad but had different mothers. Aunt Jamima was the third of the ten Montgomery children and my Dad was number eight. They were always close and I remember going to Birmingham to visit and we always stayed with Uncle Cary and Aunt Jamima. They had a basement in their house and Alan, Kelly and I always slept down in the basement.

Driving down to Little Rock tonight the sky was beautiful. I've noticed many times before that when people I have been close to have passed the sky would be exceptionally beautiful. I've wondered if there is any significance to those beautiful skies and the passing of loved ones.

Whatever the case it was beautiful tonight. I imagine the clouds I photographed tonight would be a dull gray overcast compared to Aunt Jamima's view tonight from her heavenly home. I texted Barbara earlier this week that I bet my Mom and her Dad were waiting for Aunt Jamima when she arrived up there in heaven. I know the reunion was sweet.

One final thought from the funeral home tonight. On the table there were a bunch of photos of Aunt Jamima and her family and a couple of different craft pieces. One of the needle points piece that struck home with me was covered with flowers and said-

" All the flowers of tomorrow are in the seeds of today."

Aunt Jamima shared this wisdom through her art and today it brings me comfort in her passing.
Rest in Peace Aunt Jamima.
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