Two Photos and a Sermon Idea

Tuesday night, I drove by this scene on my way to do church over at the jail.
I turned around drove back and took two photos. The top photo was what was there and the bottom photo was what I visualized as I drove by.

There is a big difference in the two photos. God gave us a great ability to focus our vision and we so often take it for granted. The top photo shows a ratty old abandoned building with a bland sky. The bottom photo is what I saw as a potential photo due to alternate framing and a little boost in saturation.

We are made in Gods image. I bet God looks at us the same way. We can be so ugly with sin in our lives but he sees the potential in us. Jesus paid the price for sin and if we live for him we become the beautiful children of God that he always knew we could be. We all need to pay more attention as we look around in the physical world and even more as we examine our spiritual relationship with God.
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