Road Tripping to Oklahoma

Last weekend, Jalen and I went to Bartlesville, OK to shoot the Lady Bisons basketball team playing in the Great American Conference basketball tournament. I took this photo while driving on the Muskogee Turnpike. There is something charming about the geography of Oklahoma. I feel like any second a cowboy on a horse might come riding up over one of those gently rolling hills.

We stopped at a McDonalds for our pre-game snack of McBites and fries. As we came out with our food a really cool old car drove by and got in the drive-thru. I wanted a photo of that old car so I got my phone ready to shoot it as we exited the parking lot. Unfortunately, neither Jalen or I was paying attention to the giant coke sitting on the dash board instead of the up holder and it tumpt over spilling everywhere. We pulled in a parking spot and I got out and went in to get a bunch of napkins to clean up our massive spill. I got my photo on my way in for more napkins.

On the way out I asked the dude what kind of car it was and he told me it was a Studebaker Grand Turismo. It reminded me of my Uncle Wayne's Ford Thunderbird from the early 70's. I always kinda felt like that Thunderbird was round on the inside because of the huge curve of the back seat.

I am torn between the color and theB&W version of the photo so I think I will post both.

We made it to Bartlesville and as we checked in at the gym the man that gave me my press credentials asked if Jalen was with me. When I said yes he said hold on and he proceeded to make Jalen his own press pass so he could stay with me on the floor of the gym.

Jalen thought he was something else with his own press pass. He shot both games with me and we had a ball (pun intended).

We did a Montgomery hotel tradition and as soon as we were back to the room and ordered a pizza, half no cheese because Jalen doesn't eat cheese.

After pizza, we edited our photos. Jalen used my laptop and I used my new iPad. I am still new to the iPad and I have only used it for these two games in Oklahoma but I believe we are going to be good friends.
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