The moon and breaking the rules

I shot this photo last night as I came home from the Bison basketball games.  The cloud cover was perfect to give a nice hazy moon and the Gum-ball tree was the perfect foreground.

Now photographically this is not playing by the rules at all.  The subject is centered which according to the rule of thirds is not dynamically or visually pleasing.  That is why I teach my classes the "Suggestion of Thirds" instead of the "RULE of Thirds".  The exposure was F3.5 @ 1/500th at ISO 12800.  There is nothing normal about shooting  1/500th of a second at night or ISOs of 12800.  I say who cares  because I like the photo.  I did change it to b&w to let the noise work for me and because I like b&w better.  I say all of this to say- take photos for yourself not for others.  Now if you are in my photo classes you better practice some of the things I teach you but know that when you are breaking rules on purpose for a specific reason it is perfectly fine.
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