A Red Line

My day started off at the Reynolds Building picking up scan-tron sheets for a couple of students that were going to take my test today. As I walked back to my car I noticed the the warm color of the red line of my parking space and the the little red leaf that lay on it. Simple backlighting made the color of the paint and the texture of the pavement pop. A good friend pulled up beside me and we chatted and I felt encouraged and loved just by his few simple words.

As things in my family have been so crazy with Jamie being sick these last few months, simple little blessings from God keep me going.

I just updated my Facebook status and it now reads " been counting my blessings today and realize that I can't count that high So Thankful! "

As I pulled into the drive to get the kids from school, there was another sweet friend with supper.

I am so thankful for the blessings and people that God puts in our lives.

Thank you God for taking care of your children.
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