Fame and Painting

I am a photographer and I am so thankful that I have that ability. I even call this blog Jeff's Photos. But there are always things I wish I could do that I can't. I wish I could sing, but I'm not a great singer. I remember running into my high school chorus director talking to one of the university chorus directors. He told the university director that if I tried out to give me a chance because I was an amazing riser man.

The other thing I wish I could do is paint. I admire artist and the detail they so skillfully put into paintings is something to behold.
Well, Josie talked me into painting this afternoon. We had fun and I painted three paintings. The best part was hanging with Josie.

Vivian Maier's photography has come to the worlds attention over the past couple of years. Unfortunately, she died before her amazing street photography was discovered. I wanted to blog these so that if anyone wanted to decide I was famous I would still be alive to enjoy the fame.

I am joking if you don't know. I paint for the same reasons that I blog and that I shoot my Instagram photos. I do it for me. I believe everyone has something to share and I hope you enjoy it. I enjoyed creating it.
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