Prime Lens Flowers

I love shooting film. I've said that before, but its true and I love using the old film cameras and the look of film is hard to describe but I like it. My good friend Noah Darnell likes to shoot film and if you read his blog you will hear him talk about the look of his prime lenses. Well, these were all shot with a prime lens, but I bet you would never guess it in a 100 years.
I shot all of these photos with my Olympus Stylus Epic and its beautiful 35mm F2.8 prime lens. Yes I shot these images with a point and shoot camera. It is not about the camera its about seeing and light and the beauty God created for us to enjoy. If you have an old film P&S camera in a drawer somewhere I encourage you to get it out and go buy some b&w film and go find some beautiful flowers or beautiful people or whatever catches your attention and have some fun. This roll of film is just back from the lab and my stylus epic is reloaded and ready to go.
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