Sun, Flowers, and Friends

Early Tuesday morning, I had to go over to the kids school to shoot a quick job before school started. As I walked across the street, I greeted Mr. Gary the HU security officer that stopped the traffic for me. I couldn't help but smile as I soaked up the sun for the first time in several days. Arkansas and the south have been beaten up with tornadoes, severe thunder storms and major flooding rains over the past week.
As I left the building I walked by the Ruthann Corbin Garden. Mrs. Corbin passed away unexpectedly back in 2003 and her family dedicated this beautiful fountain and garden to her memory. The fountain was gurgling and the warm early morning light on these purple pin cushion flowers was just perfect.

As I was leaving I ran into LouElla from the HU grounds crew who was coming to pull out the winter pansies and get the beds ready for summer flowers. I love running into LouElla because she is passionate about flowers and the way campus looks. The ground keepers work hard to make the place beautiful and that makes my job of photographing campus easy. LouElla shares that passion for a beautiful campus with her former boss Johnny Ferguson. I say former boss because my friend Johnny retired today. I was privileged to go to his retirement lunch. I have an open invitation to go trout fishing with Johnny and I hope its not long before I get to spend a day with him on the Little Red River.

Jay Maisel says "If you are out there shooting, things will happen for you. If you’re not out there, you’ll only hear about it." Jay also encourages photographers to do "visual push-ups" everyday. I have to say this was a fun visual workout. All of these photos were taken with my Canon G11 point and shoot camera. I must also confess that I jacked up the color saturation to look like Fujichrome Velvia in Adobe Lightroom.

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