I love the Disney movie UP. I love how the mean dogs all stop and look whenever someone says Squirrel. I had my own squirrel moment today. I left the baseball games early to come back to the office to recover a corrupted CF card for the Bison. I pulled into a parking spot right beside this small tree with the squirrel. I walked around to the passenger side of my car and got my camera and started toward the building and I saw it not 8 ft from me. I think the squirrel's "Person" alert went off about the same time my "Squirrel" alert went off. A beautiful Fox Squirrel in a small tree just a few feet from me and a camera with my longest zoom lens mounted and beautiful light. Some days you just get lucky.

Photo Educational Note: For those of you in my class let me break it down a little more. Limited depth of field was achieved by a combination of three things:
-lens aperture wide open at F5.6,
-long focal length of 400mm, and
-a close distance of about 8 ft.

These very three items were mentioned today while discussing depth-of-field during our review for the test coming up on Thursday.

2 points extra credit to anyone who writes Nice Squirrel Blog Post on your test.
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