Kirk Tuck Photo Quote

"The only way to be stealthy with a camera this big is to be un-stealthy and emanate the idea that what you're doing is routine, non-exceptional and part of the scene. Within minutes everyone ignored me and went on with real life." ~Kirk Tuck

I often tell my students that a major key to being successful is acting like you are supposed to be there taking pictures. I like to think of the camera as my invisibility machine. People expect to see you working and they quit paying attention to you. I also like the romantic idea of using a small rangefinder camera that people don't even notice because you are using one body and one lens. Many famous photographers have espoused this idea, notably Henri Cartier-Bresson, Alfred Eisenstaedt, W. Eugene Smith, and Elliott Erwitt.

As for the Canon 1DMark2, I still much prefer my Nikon D3s. No mater the make of the camera, Kirk's advice is golden. Take a moment and read The Visual Science Lab. Be sure and read his spot on post entitled A Casual and Even Tempered Rant .
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