Disney-iPhone-Hipstamatic App.

It is no secret that I love the camera on the iPhone. I have the iPhone 3G and I have a fair amount of photo apps. Just before we went to Florida for Christmas I got the Hipstamatic App after reading a blog post about a New York Times photographer Damon Winter using it for war photos in Afghanistan. At first, I was not crazy about this app. Changing the lens and the film in this app gets you a variety of analog film looks and funky boarders to your iPhone photos. Besides the lens and film variety, the camera shows you a small square viewfinder and it randomly crops the square from the area the camera sees. This is unsettling at first but with the random film and lens changing and cropping you get some crazy looking photos and after a while it started to grow on me. I normally use The Best Camera App which is completely editable and controlled. I always tell my classes that you have to make friends with your camera so I decided to make friends with this app. I was surprised to find that while in FL I took over 400 photos with the Hipstamatic App. I uploaded them to a Shutterfly Share site if you want to view all of the photos. These 90 photos shown here are some of my favorites.
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