"Cooter in the Corn with Horn"

I found this photo on the back of a Readers Digest someone donated to the jail library. Before this find I was unfamiliar with Jack Spencer and his photography. I have already filled out Library Loan Requests for a couple of his books and I am eagerly anticipating their arrival.

This image captivates me on several levels.

First, I played the same horn in band. The Baritone is a beautiful horn with the rich sound of a French Horn and the range of a trombone. Speaking of trombones, Jackson has just started playing trombone in the elementry band. Looking at this picture I can almost hear Cooter playing his horn. I wish I could hear Cooter play because you know it would be amazing.

Secondly, I love this photo because it is shot in black and white and in the square format. I am not sure there is a more perfect combination than black and white square format images. The image on the Readers Digest is actually B&W and the image I found online is actually sepia toned. I am really divided between which on looks better, but I posted the sepia print so I guess I like it the best.

Lastly, I love this photo because of Cooters outfit. I love the hat and tie and coat. I wish I liked to wear ties and that I could look as good as Cooter in a hat. I feel like the only accessory I wear is a camera bag. I'm not complaining about that but camera bags just don't look as cool as Cooter does in that hat. I thought these Rugged Wear Domke bags were beautiful the very first time I saw them. All the women in my family have all commented on this bag asking me where I got it and how cute it is. I don't know if I have a girlie camera bag or if my other camera bags were just really ugly. I hope someday me and my Domke Rugged Wear Bag look as good and are as good of friends as Cooter and his Horn.
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