Film Images

I love shooting film and I got a roll back from the lab today. One of the best things about shooting film is getting to use film cameras. I love how film cameras work, you have to think and pay attention because there is no instant gratification screen on the back of the camera. These frames came from a 1950s Kodak Signet 35 camera. I currently have a roll of 120 Tri-X in a Yashica 124G twin lens reflex camera. I also love shooting with my Hasselblad Xpan. The Xpan and the Kodak Signet are both rangefinder cameras and they are really cool to shoot with because everything always looks in focus and viewfinder never blacks out on RF cameras or on tlrs either for that matter. While we are on the subject of equipment, I read the other day of the Online Photographer that Leica has made their last film camera. Kinda sad to think that there will be no more new Leica film cameras. The company still makes digital rangefinder cameras, but the nostalgic part of me hates to see the film world slowly passing away. There have been several stories lately about Steve McCurry shooting the last roll of Kodachrome. Today I saw a cool story from the St.Louis Post Dispatch about one of their photographers shooting his last roll of Kodachrome 200 at the Missouri State Fair. The photo above is of Jalen sitting on our front porch in our hammock that Jenna and I brought back from Honduras.
This is Jackson in the same hammock from Honduras.
Walked out to take trash out the other morning and this beautiful yellow leaf was laying on the back door mat. I loved the contrast of the light colored leaf against the black mat.
As a photographer it is hard to pass up clouds. B&W is not always the best solution for sunsets but I liked how this turned out anyway.
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