Sunsets Never Get Old and a Photo Lesson

I was driving to jail tonight to get things ready for church and I saw this beautiful sunset. Lucky for me I had my P&S camera with me and my iPhone. As Jay Maisel would say, “Carry a camera. It’s tough to take pictures without one.”

Picture #2 is a wide shot of the previous sunset. I tell my class all the time, there are more pictures out there you just have to find them. This one was easy. When I ask my class for Nick Kelsh Rule #3 they all chant in unison "take more pictures." I took about twenty photos of this sunset before it slipped away. Sometimes you have to work fast.

Now,I know your thinking I have lost all sense of taste with this image, but let me explain. I have been telling my class that you have to develop the ability to see the world in 3D. I mean you have to imagine what the subject might look like from a different place. I mentioned that I was driving to jail when I saw the sunset and the beautiful tree skeletons. I had to drive a ways before I could pull off the road and the parking lot was the wrong angle. I headed out into the field because that is where my 3D radar told me I needed to be to get the trees and the sunset to line up. This really ugly photo shows how far out in the field I had to go to get things to line up. This 3D idea is not rocket science. Sometimes you just have to keep moving around your subject or move until your subject lines up like you want it to.

Remember I mentioned that there are always more pictures to take. Hello, I was standing in the middle of a field of tall grass. Pay attention to whats around you.

I am sorry this post seems like a little rant. I just get frustrated when people don't try to make their pictures more interesting. The world is filled with wonder and with a little effort great photos can be had.

Thanks for reading.
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