I have Great Photographer Friends

I love being a photographer. I get to do really cool jobs and you get to work with some Great People. These are some of my photographer buddies at a recent Harding football game. Noah and Craig are in the back and they are my student workers. I have had both of them the entire time they have been at Harding and they will both graduate this year which will leave a tremendous hole in the Photo Services Office. I know from experience that more students will come and that they will be great as well but I am truly trying to enjoy my last year with these two guys.

The guy with glasses is Wally Jarrett. I met Wally years ago when he took one of my continuing education classes. He was all about digital way back then when I was still skeptical. Wally founded Searcysports.com and became a big time sports photographer. Now days he just shoots for fun, but he is still a great photographer and an all around great guy.

These guys were giving me heck as I took this photo with my new Canon G11. I had owned the camera almost 24 hours when I took this photo. Noah suggested I use the self timer and set the camera on a end zone pylon but I couldn't find the setting for the self timer so I ended up shooting it holding the camera myself. I am thankful that I get to hang out with these guys on a regular basis.

I also have a great band of brothers and sisters in the UPAA. I have been a member of that group for 6 years and I have been to their summer symposium 5 of those years.
That brings me to my buddy Donny Crowe. We roomed together this past summer at the Jamestown, NY Symposium. I took the photo below as we went to shoot the Jamestown Jammers ballgame. Well my friend is in ICU today having surgery to remove a bleeding brain mass. Please take a minute to say a pray for my friend Donny and then be sure to let your friends know that they mean a lot to you.
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