Canon G11

Greetings to my faithful readers, thanks for sticking around even though I am posting very sparingly these days. I just replaced my P&S camera at the office with the brand new Canon G11. My previous P&S was the Canon Powershot S5. I loved that camera and would still be using it but someone stole it. I was truly excited to see the G11 announced because it was only a 10MP camera which is going backwards in resolution for Canon. I think it was a great trade off because the G11 has much less noise at high ISOs than its predecessor the G10. The G11 is the top of the line Canon P&S camera and it is built for professionals. Major controls like ISO, and exposure compensation are controlled by dials on the top of the camera and it can shoot raw files. The G11 also brought back a feature I think is a must for P&S cameras, the flip out monitor. The flip out monitor is essential for shoot low angles and the Hail Mary angle as well. Oh I almost forgot that one of the best features of P&S cameras in general is their awesome macro ability.
Here are a couple of photos from the past weekends football game in Monticello. We got whipped but I did get a few good images with the G11.

UAM has a beautiful pond right beside the football stadium and the color was excellent. I fell in love many years ago with Cypress balls while visiting the University Photographer at Mississippi State. My friend Marco provided some great insight to me as we were beginning our transition to digital imaging here at Harding.

And yes, I got to fly to the game. I have lucked out and been able to fly to all the away games this year.
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