I always say that if you have friends in Security, Maintenance, and Custodians you can go anywhere and get into any place. Well these guys are a couple of my maintenance buddies. Mike and Jeff are always around someplace like parked in front of the Lilly Pool in their truck. When I asked why they didn't park in the lot 25 yards away and walk over to the fountain, Mike replied "what if we needed a tool?" What can you say?

I took this photo after flipping through the Elliott Erwitt book "Snaps". As I talked to my buddies I tried to imagine how EE would shoot these guys. I used a Nikon D200 and a Tamron 28-200 lens. B&W look applied in Lightroom.

Heading to Branson tomorrow for the long weekend. Bought 6 rolls of film to shoot through the Hasselblad Xpan so be looking for more film images soon.
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