iPhone Photos

Nobody can sleep like Josie,

First Security Stadium at sunset.
B&W effect done with Tiffen FX App.
Julian and Meredith Firman cutting the cake.
Harding University Administration Building
I've spent a good amount of time this summer shooting film. Don't think for a minute that I laid down my iPhone. The camera on the iPhone is not world class but it has been contending for the most uploaded camera on Flickr the last week or so. The thing that kicks this camera phone over the top is the photo Apps. I use several Apps including CameraBag, Photogene, Photoforge, and I also use the Tiffen FX for B&W conversion. If you have an iPhone get busy and use that camera. Most of these photos were made while bike riding eith the kids in the evenings. I didn't go seeking great images, these images just came to me.
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