I Shoot Film

I shot this on the shore of Chautauqua Lake while waiting for the sun to set. I love how the trees diffuse the light and the park by the lake was beautiful. I was in NY for the UPAA symposium and we spent a beautiful afternoon at the Chautauqua Institute.
The bell tower at Lake Chautauqua after the sunset.
Three ladies in the airport in Detroit waiting on a plane to Memphis and talking about eating barbecue. I used zone focusing and depth of field to get this photo. I love how old cameras have depth of field scales on the lens. I also really love the tactile feeling of winding film. I am not so crazy about having to cock the shutter for each shot.
Birdhouse behind the Reynolds Building on the Harding campus.
Same tree looking up. I am really loving the 44mm lens perspective of this lens. Yesterday I drove to Wynne to meet Julie's parents and to pick up the kids and bring them home. While driving I was listening to Brooks Jensen, editor of LensWork Magazine, podcasts and he was talking photography being a form of memory and about cameras being our memory machines. Interesting ideas about memory, but the idea of the memory machine kept bringing me to this camera. I really like how this camera captures memories.
This is a memory to keep. Jackson and I on our first bike ride with his new bike. We rode all over the HU campus just the two of us. We stopped under this tree with the bird house to take a break and get a drink because it was really hot outside that day.
Me and Kodak Signet 35 camera.
Ribs on July the 3rd. Those rib racks were part of my Fathers Day present. We started cooking the ribs at 10 in the morning using one burner and hickory wood in the smoker box. At 3:00 we basted with Apple Juice and wrapped them up in foil to continue to cook up to the magical 165 degree safe point for pork. I have to give thanks to my brother Kelly for the BBQ cooking tips. If you are wondering they were great. Two racks were rubbed with Rainforest Cafe Mojo Rib Rub, two racks were Corky's Rib Rub, and the final rack had a very spicey Brazilian Beef Rub that I found at Sam's Club.
Being home all day on Friday and keeping an eye on ribs is relaxing. Jalen spent some quality heat of the afternoon time on the couch with his DS. I like how the backlight carves out the details of his profile.
Slipping ahead to July 5th when we celebrated the 4th with Julie's family. This is Uncle Charlie and Chris sitting out on the patio waiting for the annual parade to start.
There is always time for bb guns on the family 4th celebration. Jackson is putting the hurt on a coke can with his Daisy Buck bb gun.
Jalen taking a break from bike riding to do a few pull-ups as he waits for his turn at the empty coke can.

Josie and cousin Olivia are moving this big rock in the search for Rollie Pollies. As you can see below they found this giant black caterpillar.

Jamie reloading the music on her Disney Mix Stick. I found out later from Jenna that Jamie loaded up on Christmas music. You never know what Jamie is up to.
Finally Josie and one of her softball teammates.

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