iPhone Photo Apps

I can never say enough good about the iPhone. I have the basic 8GB 3G phone. I still can't believe how helpful it is to have the internet and e-mail with you at all times. The camera which is the point of this blog post, is a 2MP color camera. Much better than the camera on my Razr which was just 1MP. The thing that takes the camera to the next level is the Apps that you can get or buy from the iTunes store. My favorite Photo App is Photogene I can convert images to B&W or Sepia which is important to me as I love B&W. More importantly Photogene gives you the ability to adjust levels. Levels allows you to adjust the highlight, midtone and shadow values of the light in your image. The three sliders are on top of a histogram which is a diagram of the light in an image so you can adjust the tones and actually see what the graph of the light looks like. If I could only have one Photo App, Photogene is the one I would pick.
Camera Bag is my #2 photo App. With CameraBag you can take images from your photo album and apply filters that mimic other cameras. Polaroid, Holga, Wide Screen Cinema, B&W in a couple of different versions, infared film, fisheye lenses and others. I love the ability to get my photos to look like different cameras. This App also allows you to save your photos at different resolutions and you can toggle off the cameras that you don't care for. I turned off Infared, Fisheye, Cinema and 1974 which makes your photos look like old faded color photos from the 70s and why would anyone ever want that.

Tiffen Photo FX is my most recently purchased App. In the photography world Tiffen is known for its filters that fit on your camera lens. Tiffen Photo FX is a digital version of their photo lens filters. I use this App occasionally and it is just the ticket for some images. I really like how the sliders work on these filters.
Photo lab 1600 is one of the first Apps I bought and it has very limited capability. It doesn't function very well and its touch controls are not very good but on a positive note it has been updated several times which is good that the designers are trying to improve it.
The final App I use is Darkslide which the adds claim is like having Flickr in you pocket and that is about all you need to say about it. There is a free version but it has adds so pay the money and loose the adds and you will be happy if you use Flickr. A recent update to Darkslide allows you now to upload photos from your iPhone to Flickr.

If you have an iPhone check these Apps out.
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