Finger Painting

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I was up at school Friday taking Jalen his lunch. His class was having a pizza party because they had met their reading goal for the last grading period. Since Jalen is alergic to cheese and most pizzas are covered in it I got him a kids meal from Zaxbys. As I was leaving I noticed the art hanging out in the hall. This is Jalen's painting and I loved it. I really don't remember getting to do really creative things in art when I was in school. I remember doing art that was structured and the final outcome was supposed to look like everyone elses. We did not have a dedicated art teacher so each teacher had to do their own art lessons. I am thankful that the Academy here has a dedicated art teacher and that they teach the kids art history as they teach them how to paint, draw, sculpt, and even finger paint.

And by the way, yellow flowers are the best.
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