Disney Guides

We have Disney Guides. Being part of the Jennings Osborne Group we have Guides. That very fact is a ridiculous luxury. We have four awesome Guest Services Guides that help make our trip fabulous.
Andromeda, Sam, Teresa, and Kat

Sam and Teresa have been guides every year that we have been to Disney World for Christmas. Our first trip to Disney with the Osborne Family was in 1999.  Yes we went through Y2K at Disney World.  The only year since that we didn't come was 2005  and that was the year that the lights were moved from residential street to New York Street.  Jackson, Jalen and Josie have been to Disney for every Christmas of their entire life except 2005.

Kat is the guide that takes care of our family.  She picked us up at the airport.  It is hard to describe the feeling you get as you come down the ramp to baggage claim and see a smiling face of a Disney Guide there to greet you and welcome you.  Kat did a great job.  We were shuttled to our Pre-Checked-In rooms and Sam and Andromeda were there waiting to help us haul in our luggage which is no small feat when you consider clothes for seven people for eleven days.  They had already been to our hotel and had us 1st floor rooms that were close to the pool.  Yes 1st floor and close to the pool.  You tell me where else you get service like that.  Everyday we are picked up and taken to the parks by these wonderful guides. Please don't hate me for this next fact, we get VIP ride privileges.  We go directly to the fast pass line and we never have to wait for fast passes.  We are completely spoiled.  They take care of everything you might possibly need and they are constantly making sure the kids are entertained, we are where we need to be on time and even special needs.  When our vacation is over we will be picked up and delivered back to the airport to fly home. 

Yes,  being included in the Osborne Family Christmas is a huge blessing to our family.  The Guides are the icing on the cake of our Disney experience.  
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