Campaign Sign

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Julie and I have always taken the kids with us when we vote because we think that voting is an important privilege. Well we voted early this year for the first time ever. We voted early because I go to jail on Tuesday nights because I am the Chaplain at the local jail and tonight is when we do mid-week Bible studies. When we went to vote Julie took the girls with her and I took the boys to the voting machine with me. Well, Josie got to push the button to cast Julie's vote for President and she was very excited. Since voting Josie has been all about the campaign and yesterday she made a McCain sign for our front door. It amazes me how kids pick up on things like national elections. I will be glad tonight when everything is over and we can get back to normal and we can get rid of all the political ads on radio and tv. I hope everyone who reads this goes out and exercises their right to vote.
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