Alaskan Salmon

Tonight I grilled a fish given to me by Dr Ganus. He caught the fish on his yearly Alaskan fishing trip. After going to Alaska he traveled to Hardings campus in Chile to spend some time there with his son Cliff who is teaching there this semester. Throughout all this traveling he is taking photos. Well he came in last week and I downloaded his camera and made him a PowerPoint to show when he spoke to the Lions Club. While in Chile he found a Lions Club and helped them work with their glasses program one day. Well the fish was a gift for the help with the photos . It was very tastey. I feel like I should pay him to get to make those PowerPoints. I spend a couple of hours one on one listening to his stories and hearing his insights. What a blessing to sit and listen to this man. We also have a collection of baskets and pottery from Uganda from his travels to that country and the PowerPoints we have made from those photos.
Long post I guess to say that the fish was good.
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