The Homecoming/JF Musical this year is Oklahoma. This is not a musical that I am familiar with. I knew Oh What a Beautiful Morning but I really didn't know any of the other songs well except the theme song. I was surprised to learn that I did know another song. I knew the Surrey With The Fringe On Top. When I was in High School I would get up early on Thursday morning sometimes and watch the Boston Pops on PBS. As I recall it came on at 4 a.m. Go on and start your jokes know about what kind of a nerd HS kid I was to get up at 4 to watch the Boston Pops on PBS. Well I found it purely by accident one morning when I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep. Why might I be watching PBS you might ask, we had cable but we only had 30 stations back then and the cable box had a slider switch on top to change channels so you had to go by all the channels to get to any channel I should also confess that in HS I was into music. I was in band from 7th through 12th grade and Chorus 9-12th grade. I was even President of the Chorus my senior year (1988). And yes I have been out of HS 20 years. Anyway I was watching the Boston Pops one morning and some dude sang The Surrey With the Fringe On Top and I thought it was awesome. He had a beautiful voice that was so rich and clear and I have always liked that song ever since. I just bought that song from iTunes and it is playing as I write this blog post while my camera cards are downloading. I also learned about the Canadian Brass by watching the Boston Pops but that is another story.

If you live in Arkansas and are looking for something to do this weekend you should come to Searcy and see this production. Every year I think this is the best musical yet and this year is no exception. Here is a link to the Oklahoma press release on the HU web page. Check it out, you will not be disappointed.
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