Josie Mae Marcussen

There is a new Josie in Searcy. I already knew a couple of Josies, especially the one who is my daughter. This new Josie is special because her Mom Jenn worked in my office until last week. Jenn was the Writer/ Copy Editor for the PR office. Note Jenn's job title, that is making me very nervous writing this blog post. I normally don't have copy editors reading anything I write. Well anyway we got to go meet Josie at the hospital last Thursday and I took these photos then. She was absolutely perfect and I am qualified to say such things being the father of 5 perfect kids and all. Jenn's replacement Jennifer Hannigan and I went to see Josie as Tom was a little under the weather and DC was in Georgia covering the Bison football game. They are home know and I know Jenn is feeling fine because she was complaining on FB that I posted a picture of my new grill before I posted any photos of her kid. Let me explain, I just learned to post photos on FB from my iPhone and I didn't take any photos of Josie with my phone because I wanted better photos than the phone can take and I wanted to introduce Josie Mae here on my blog. Oh yeah, Josie has a Dad as well, Charlie. I am so excited that Josie is here safe and sound and I very excited about getting to watch her grow up. And Jenn if you are reading this, we love office visits.
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