iPhone Photos

I got an iPhone this week and I love it. I feel like I am learning a new language trying to figure everything out. I do miss my Razor phone camera because i could make it take b&w photos and I could control the exposure +/- 2 stops. The Icamera is a 2MP so it has twice the resolution on the Razor Camera. Kinda sad to be done with my first decent phone camera, the Razor, but I am not done taking photos and I have an awesome new phone. I hope you enjoy photos from my first week with the iPhone.

Wednesday at 1:00 all of the Comm department darkroom equipment that was left after HU insiders got what they wanted  was put out for the public to take what they wanted.  This is a really sad sight.  I spent many a hour in darkrooms all over Hardings campus.  The only darkrooms left are in the art department and the student publications office.  I got some tanks and reels to develop my own film.  I got some photo chemistry and some reloadable film cans that were DX coded for ISO 400.  I use those to put TRI-X in my Olympus Stylus Epic.
The Princess asleep with her friends.  I like to wake her up with that brown bear.
Thursday Jackson, Josie and I went to get Jalen at soccer practice.  We threw the football for a while and then Jackson says "Dad do you want to go see my fort?"  I had no idea that this was what he would show me.  Jackson is such a planner, working out the details of making a lean-to and he had a lot of big limbs thanks to the recent hurricanes coming through AR and blowing weak limbs out of the big trees at the soccer fields.
Josie found the Buzz Light Year goggles in the back of my van.  Makes me wonder what else might be in the back of my van.
Gabriel Fatula at lunch today.  He never woke up so I didn't get to hold him.

This is Jenn on the left, Jenn is expecting and today is the last day of her employment with Harding University. She is going to stay home with her baby. On the right is Jennifer who was our secretary today, Monday she will be the writer/copy editor for the PR office. We don't have a secretary any more. I really hate not having a secretary, but having the wrong secretary is 8.3 times worse than having no secretary. I bet we find one before long and I am thankful that our boss looks long and hard to find the right people. He found Jenn and Jennifer and they have both great.
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