Photos for the Paper

Yestereday, the local news paper called and needed a picture of something just anything happening on campus because they had big holes to fill. I submitted a couple of photos and they ran this one today. This is Blaine Eaken. He is a cool kid that we go to church with. I found him out riding his scooter on campus as I was heading over to the new Center for Health Sciences. The College of Pharmacy was moving in to their new offices so I also took some photos of them for the paper. When I returned I talked to Blaine's Mom and she gave the go ahead to shoot the photos and send them to the paper. Blaine has been on Jalen's soccer and baseball teams this year . Actually Blaine's mom Courtney was Jalen's soccer coach last year.

Now for a small rant about small town newspapers. I can't link to the photo on their web page because they almost never put photos on their web page. The photographer for The Daily Citizen is Samuel Peebles and he is a great guy and a good photographer so why is he not given things to shoot. I am not complaining because I enjoyed being out of the office and shooting and I am happy to promote Harding,but I really think the Citizen could step it up a notch on the gathering side. Also I don't think it is too much to ask for the paper to give photo credits. I really hate seeing submitted photo as a photo credit on my photos or anyones photos.
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