Photo by Joe Ruh of Northern Kentucky University

This week I am in Auburn, Alabama at the UPAA Symposium. Here I am with some of my photographer friends as we shared photoshop tips.  On Wednesday we went to Atlanta to the Aquarium and the World of Coke Museum.  I had been to the Coke Museum before when Jenna was a baby. I remember that before we went in we changed her diaper in the trunk of Mom and Dad's car. My Mom thought it was terrible that we changed Jenna's diaper in a parking garage in freezing weather. As I recall Jenna was just happy to have on a dry diaper.
   There are a bunch of fish at the Aquarium. I liked the River Exhibit the best.
There were some MONSTER catfish in those overhead tanks.
It is kinda cool to view a river habitat from the bottom.
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