Summer Camp

Jenna, Jamie and Jackson are headed to camp today. This is the first year for Jackson and I think he is excited. He has his video camera packed and his headlamp flashlight. My niece,Casey, is coming to go to camp with Jamie. Camp Tahkodah is run by Harding and the director is Ross Cochran one of Harding's Bible Professors. Ross and Nita have run camp for the last several years and they do a great job. I look forward to the time when I can go and spend the week at camp with all the kids myself.
PHOTO NOTE: The top photo is a real Polaroid. I was inspired by watching the movie Martian Child to shoot some Polaroid film before it is gone forever. I got my Polaroid camera from Julie. She took a pre-school seminar on using photography in the class room several years ago when she worked for the educational co-op in Bebee. I have a couple of other Polaroid cameras and HU has a Polaroid back for its Bronica 645 camera.
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