Boys Birthday Bike Riding Party

>Jalen's Birthday is in May and Jackson's birthday is in June and since we were moving we didn't get parties done. So the boys got to invite some friends over for a combined party. We rode bikes all over the Harding Campus. Places like around the outside of the Bison Baseball field, down the pedestrian mall on campus and even on the cart paths around the physical plant buildings. We even stopped and explored under an overpass of Beebe-Capps. There were tons of animal tracks under that bridge. We took a cool group photo under there as well. After the bike ride we came in and had an ice cream party. The boys are now bedded down watching Horton Hears a Who. While the boys were doing that Julie was being the stage mom for the Kids Stage production on Bugsy Malone Jr. Jamie is one of the dancers in this production. We are going to see it tomorrow. On Saturday my neices Lillie and Lainee are coming to stay for the week. We had a great time with them last summer and this summer will be great too.
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