New Rolleiflex MiniDigi

Today during lunch I was flipping through the latest edition of Rangefinder Magazine and I saw this cool little camera. This is the second version to come out, the first version was really low resolution and had fixed focus. This new version has AF from 10cm to infinity, an interpolated resolution of 5MP and the ability to set your color balance. I wish B&W was an option on this camera. One of the cool factors is that it really shoots in the square format like real Twin Lens Reflex cameras do. I have a couple of different TLRs. I bought a YashicaMat 124G many years ago and then I bought Mamiya 330 to shoot weddings with. The Mamiya was a huge camera that would change lenses and it had bellows focusing so it could focus very closely. I also had a prism finder so the image of the viewfinder was shown correctly. When shooting with the waist level finder ( the one you look down into with both eyes) the image is reversed left to right. That is something I never got comfortable with because I never got to use it enough. I hardly ever use my TLRs anymore. I do love shooting B&W in them. You get 12 shots on 120 film or 24 shots on 220 film. The best known square format cameras are the Rolleiflex TLRs and Hasselblads. I Googled for Sq Format Shooting Techniques and found a couple of discussion boards. One post was by a guy who hated square format and thought it was difficult to frame anything meaningful in a square. Well that broke open the flood gates of the square format lovers. The best quote was from a guy who said "if you think square format composition is hard you should mask your camera viewfinder in a triangle shape and try to compose with that." I also shoot square format sometimes with a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye that uses 620 film which is the same as 120 film just on a different spool.

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