Me Working

Here is a photo I received from my friend Doug Force. I grew up going to the same church as Doug and his family. I knew his dad as Mr. Freeman and his mom as Mrs. Joy. Doug's sister Robin was our babysitter when I was in 4th or 5th grade. Robin was great she would always do fun things and we usually could convince her to bake cookies. I vividly remember helping Mr. Freeman test the lighting as he was going to shoot all the photos for our self published church directory. My memory of Doug was that he worked in the recording room at church recording all the sermons. A cool dark room with lots of glowing dials and monitors. Well, Doug took this photo of me while I was photographing Spring Sing on Saturday night before Easter. Well I took the metadata from his photo and looked at my photos and the photo below is the photo that I was taking when Doug snapped me. My photo is of Jillian Shackelford the first 4 time Spring Sing Hostess hugging Dottie Frye the Director of the SS Hosts and Hostesses. It is always sort of strange to see yourself working but it is cool to see what you were working on. So thank you Doug for a great photo of a hard working university photographer. One more Force Family memory. Mrs. Joy had the biggest most colorful purse when she came to our wedding. There were a couple of shots of it as she came through the receiving line at the wedding. Speaking of weddings on this past Monday (5-26) I have been married to my lovely wife for 18 years.
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