Josie has an eye for bugs of all kind. Josie was with me as we delivered photos over to the Science building and on the way back to the student center for lunch she eyed this caterpillar. With her big beautiful brown eyes she looked up and said Dad can we take it home? I said yes because I know Josie loves bugs so she picked it up and let it crawl all over her hand and arm until we got back to the office and found something to put it in. I like to tie flies for trout fishing and I tie wolly worms that look just like that but I am not ever picking up a caterpillar on purpose. Two other thoughts occur to me about caterpillars #1 My Uncle Ronnie works as an engineer for Caterpillar in Illinois. Uncle Ronnie is married to my dad's baby sister that I call Aunt Mary. #2 The Tom Clancy novel Hunt for Red October is based on a defecting Soviet submarine with a nearly silent propulsion system called a caterpillar drive. In the book the submarine kept showing up on sonar as a biologic-a whale or magma displacement- underwater volcano. Ok if you are still reading after my plot description of Hunt for Red October you need to log off and go rent Hunt for Red October and all the other Tom Clancy movies. Buy the way, as I look at this post to see how it looks to the world I noticed something about the Josie photo- you know Josie is tough because she has tattoos on both of her forearms.
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