Carpenter Kids Graduation

Last Night was the End of the Year Program for Carpenters Kids at College Church. Josie is marching in in line with her class and as I found out later she is perfectly displaying the "Hips and Lips" marching technique. Your finger on your lips to keep quiet and your hand on your hip to keep it out of trouble. Teachers that think up these things are brilliant.

Josie is wearing her yellow bumble bee shirt and her graduation hat and diploma. Her class and another class did a musical number but she was on the back row and I couldn't see her to get pictures.

Josie and James are in the same class at Carpenter Kids. Tuesday, Josie sent James a card she had made him when she was gone for a couple of weeks because of her dental surgery. She wrote him a card and told him she had been in the hospital because her teeth hurt. She also sent him $5 because he is her friend and she had three $5 and she wanted to share one with him. After Julie did a little investigation it turned out that Josie had gotten Jenna to tell her how to spell all the words that she needed to write her card for James. One day there is going to be some lucky dude who finally catches Josie and who knows it might be James.

Joshua is another one of Josie's friends who wouldn't pose for a photo so I just put my camera on moterdrive and chased him until I got this photo. Joshua is a sweet kid, he is also in our Sunday School class.
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