Matt Hall Jersey Retirement

I have the best job at Harding University and Thursday night was one of those nights that confirmed it again in my mind. The Bisons and Lady Bisons both won great games against SAU. This was the final regular season game so it was senior night. This was a senior night that made history. The Cheerleader then the players and then the Rhodes Rowdies were all honored but I could tell something was different. Coach Morgan said we have one more thing tonight and then Athletic Director, Greg Harnden, walked out with a framed #30 jersey. Tonight we are retiring Matt Hall's Jersey. The only other Bison basketball jersey ever retired belonged to Butch Gardner. Butch was on hand to present Matt with his jersey. The crowd was applauding, the team was proud and there were more than a few misty eyes in Rhodes Field house. Wally Jarrett looked over at me and said this is about to get me and I was thinking the same thing. I am not sure that there is a team on campus that better exemplifies the team idea than mens basketball ( I am not taking anything away from any of the other teams). Everyone of those guys was so proud for Matt as was everyone in the building. Matt Hall is a great guy. His Jersey retirement was well deserved. This feels rambly but I just don't have the words to express the pride I had in being part of the Harding Family on that night. I do have the best job on campus.

So you don't know who Matt Hall is:

Matt Hall is the best player to come to HU in a long time. I don't have all of his stats but he is I believe the second leading scorer in HU history. Second only to Butch Gardner, 3 time All American. Just a couple of games into his Jr Season he tore a ligament in hi ankle and was out for the season-medical red shirt. He worked tirelessly rehabbing it and came back and was better than ever. Thursday night he set the GSC and HU records for Free Throws in a game with 14. Matt Hall is a player but more than that he is a team player.He has fun. Thursday night while lined up for a rebound the player beside him was yelling at his teammate across the lane to switch. Matt looked over with a big smile on his face and said us and pointed to the other Bison player across the lane. It cracked the SAU up. Matt Hall is just a great kid that will truly be missed.
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