Gene Stallings in Searcy

Saturday night Harding Academy had its first annual fund raising dinner. Gene Stallings was the featured speaker. I photographed the meet and greet reception and at the end he volunteered to have his photo with me. We went to the dinner and I learned a couple of things about a couple of people I didn't know. Mike Keese the Athletic Director at HA played for Coach Stallings in college. Dr. Jack Thomas was good friends with the Coach from College Days as well. There was a wonderful 5 course meal and then Coach spoke. His theme was giving people a chance giving them what they needed to be sucessful and then watch them make a difference.  Ruth Simpson produced a great video on Harding Academy.  They gave a achievement award to Bill Diles for 41 years of service to the Academy.  The dinner was very nice but very long.  In the end I hope it was very successful because the funds are going to build a 28,000 sq ft Fine Arts Center.  One of the fun things of the night was the Thank you Notes that were at every seat that were written by the students.  My note was written by Evertt Kirkman .  Susan Carr gave me the note from her seat and it was written by Jenna.  She wrote that she Loved her school and she appreciated the time and money that people were giving to make her school a better place.  
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