Harding Academy Box Car Derby

Every year the Kindergarten Class has a Box Car Derby. Jalen decided to make a Fire Truck fashioned loosely after Red in the movie Cars. The first event is the Derby Parade where all the classes parade in front of the bleachers full of cheering parents. This year Mr. Teague was the pace scooter for the first lap of each race. Each heat had one kid from each of the three kindergarten classes. Jalen raced with Mason and Libby. During the race you have to make three pit stops. First you pull into a pit and get you windshield cleaned by getting a mist of water in your face and a quick wipe, The second stop involves a tire change which involves stepping through three inflated inner tubes. The third stop is a re-fueling stop where you get to drink a cup of water before you run your 4th and final lap. Jalen won his heat with no problems. After the race he posed with a couple of his friends Sadie and Myles.
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