Basketball and Josie Moment

I don't often have photos of me but I got this one tonight at the Bison games. My friend Chris Dean, a Democrat Gazette photographer, shot this photo as I was helping Jalen with his camera. Jalen was pushing the power button instead of the shutter button and I was showing him which button to push. Jalen and Jamie both went with me and they both took photos. The photo bug seems to come and go with them so I don't know yet if there will be another Montgomery Photographer. By the way, the Bisons and Lady Bisons both won their games against Ouachita Baptist University.

When I got home, Josie was on the couch under a blanket and she was showing me her Speech papers from Friday. She has been working on V sounds with Mrs Terri and she had a page with different V words and I would point to the picture and she would practice saying the word. I pointed to a vase and she said said I don't remember what that is called. I gave her a hint of Something you put flowers in and she looked at me with the strangest look and said Pot.
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