2007 Sloop Family Christmas

Christmas at the Sloops was on 12-22-07. We got there in time to eat the pizzas that Grandaddy made. When we got there the Claytons were already there. After lunch Grandmother took a bunch of photos of the Grandkids and I took a Grandkid Group shot. Grandmother and Josie took a moment to be photographed with the Christmas Cake that they made. Present time was scheduled for 2pm. Jo Clayton and Jo Montgomery sat together on the couch as the presents were being opened. We all got some really cool presents and we played the rest of the afternoon. I even got to play in the Spoons game. We ate the Sloop family traditional Taco Salad for supper and there were even Pumpkin Pies for Jackson. We ended the night watching Cars and Jenna spent a little quality time on Facebook. i got online to print out our boarding passes and learned that our 7am flight to Orlando was canceled. Frontier took good care of us and booked us on a AirTrans flight at 10 instead so we got to sleep a little later. We had a great day with Julie's Family.
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