Thanksgiving in Mississippi

You can't start serving food until you get the photo of all of the Grandkids at the end of the table. This year Grandmother had her camera but no memory card so I had to step up and take the photo. We have the Montgomery, Clayton, and Ainsworth Grandkids.

After the blessing is said the food is served.

Turkey and Dressing are the main entree. Julie makes the dressing for the entire family and it was so good.

My personal favorite is the sweet potatoes covered with marshmallows.

After lunch we played some games and we played outside. Jenna decided she liked shooting the pellet gun. It was really too cold to have much fun outside. We threw the football a little but it just hurt your hands to catch the ball because of the cold.

Josie and Olivia sent some quality girl time collecting Rollie Pollies from under rocks out in the yard.

Because of the cold we spent some time doing art inside. Josie proudly shows her multi-colored dogs.

Jackson, aka Map Boy, chose a map to color for his art project. Jackson really loves maps. his two favorite states are Mississippi and Alabama because the Capitols of those states are his name. We sometimes refer to him as Mississippi Alabama instead of Jackson Montgomery.

Jamie did a lovely job with her Little Mermaid coloring page.

Jalen is the final artist with his colorful Pirate and parrot.

We missed Chris who was working at the Fire Station and Cary who was in Atlanta.
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